Thursday, December 6, 2007

Time to Stop Wasting Time

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Shauna said...

Unrelated to your post... what is your mailing address? I'm making a Christmas card list... email to shaunafuller(at)hotmail(dot)com. And if you have any idea where on earth Mr Adam Matthews is, I would send him one too. But I have no idea where he is.

noelle_in_team said...

Hellz yeah. You'll get it someday. I mean your movie. Have you seen The Usual Suspects?

Lucky 13 said...

I love The Usual Suspects. What did you think of Dead Man? To tell the truth, my family hasn't owned a VHS player in about 4 years and probably never will again, so you can keep it. Merry Christmas.

You need to see Roman Polanski's Bitter Moon. It has the dad from E.T. and Hugh Grant in it.

Quammy said...

Two things:

1) What happened to the actual blog entry that was up earlier. All I see now is that hourglass pic. I thought the post was a really good one.

2) I don't really know what you were discussing in the other comments for this post, but there was no Dad in E.T. The father had run off some time earlier with another woman. Spielberg's early works often had dead-beat dad/poor father figure themes. The only major older male figure in E.T. was "Keys," who was part of the alien recovery team.

Lucky 13 said...

Sorry, Quammy. Peter Coyote of E.T. fame, husband in Bitter Moon, played Keys, not a dad at all. I haven't seen E.T. in about 15 years. Give me a break.

I read that other post and kind of got disgusted by my own sentimentality and deleted the text. Sometimes I'm too candid with things that I should really keep private, and I figured this was one of those times. It's nice to see someone's paying attention, though.

Lucky 13 said...

Fuck. He wasn't a husband in Bitter Moon, either, but a boyfriend. I'm fucking Peter Coyote's shit all up.