Monday, April 30, 2007

My Kids

Caitlin, the know-it-all; Chloe, the hedonist; Jack, the baby.


Robyn said...

It is heavy stuff this parenting gig we have going on! It is really scary knowing that every decision you make is a descision made for your child. I love this job though. I love calling the girls and catching up with them or getting down to see them and watching all your little squirts interact. They are obviously cut from the same cloth. You are a great father and I think we are doing a pretty good job.
On a sad note, Pippa was put down. I think we need to get a pet of our own to complete the family!

Rude Rudy Kill said...

I find myself unable to just shut down for a bit these days, it seems Im always doing something or thinking about what I should be doing, Im constantly scrutinizing myself because I know that every thing I do affects my son. Im losing my mind, my youth, and my ability to relax all at the same time. On a better note Gabe peed on the potty.

Hermit said...

You lost your youth many years ago, old man. But I know what you mean. I think it only gets worse as you get older, so that by the time you go senile, it's a blessing.
Congrats on the potty. Our baby just learned to crawl foreward three days ago.