Saturday, April 7, 2007

Baby Teeth

Legend has it that the Vikings made jewellery out of their children's baby teeth. This was supposed to bring luck and power in battle. In Europe, hundreds of years ago, it was customary to bury one's children's baby teeth in the ground. The idea was that if a witch got her hands on the child's teeth, she could lay a curse on him or her. I'm not too worried about witches cursing my son, although his mother and I must occasionally fight the temptation to curse at him.

Today Robyn discovered the tiny protruding tips of Baby Jack's first two teeth. They are both central incisors in the bottom row. This makes me a little sad. Kids grow up too fast, and I will miss his gummy grin. Still, the sooner he gets teeth, the sooner they will fall out, and the sooner I can start constructing a necklace to increase my supernatural power.


Glenn said...

When I used to have a loose tooth back when I had my retainer, I would use the loops in the retainer to wrap around the tooth and yank it out. I guess that's pretty gross.

Janarama said...

I might start growing babies for the same purpose.