Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Arboreal, not rhyzomatic,
Meaning is aristocratic.
The brain could never trust its senses
Without their enforced consensus.

Surplus value, labour, matter,
Shrinking pies and corporate ladders,
Strident calls for revolution
Overlook the real solution.

Perhaps we will find salvation
When we realize information
Makes light work--
It sets us free,
And creates value easily!

The "power" of a microchip
Is different than an M-16.
A hierarchy, when tangled up
by feedback, makes a better team
(And wastes less time and energy)
Than flat pseudo-equality.

Life's not a linear equation
Couched in terms of domination.
Freedom doesn't just mean "choice,"
But finding a creative voice
that sings to being,
gives form to grace,
and makes its world a wilder place.

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