Friday, February 1, 2008

I Went to See Hayden and Shotgun Jimmy at Mount Allison Last Night...

...and behaved like an obnoxious ass. Here's a representative sample of the evening's conversation:

ME (Loudly): Are you guys here to see Weezer? Oh man, this is gonna be so AWESOME! ROCK AND ROLL! WHOO-HOO!

CLEVELAND: Three of my ex-girlfriends walked in just now.

DAVE: I thought London was pretentious and expensive.

It isn't that Hayden was bad--he's a gifted songwriter, and his piano stuff was especially impressive. But the place was full of undergrad indie kids in scarves, argyle and tight corduroys, and I was feeling insecure about my age and belligerent about the fact that Sackville music scene has lately been overrun by lethargic, shoegazing faux geek androgynes.

Anyway, here's a Hayden track (with balls) that used to be on Muchmusic when I was in high school--back in the days when Much actually played things we used to call "music videos" from time to time. It takes a minute to load, but it's worth the wait:

(Image from


Robyn said...

I enjoyed the show! Yes, the crowd was full of the Sackville indy crowd, but, I thought Hayden handeled the crowd well. They are all so insecure that they constantly play a game of one-upmanship. LIke the photo thing, for example. You know that chick wanted to show the up close footage she had of the show to all their friends, while the person in the back was jealous enough to comment for it to stop ("puh-lease!") Hayden, altough he played the crowd with his tender voice, didn't "side with either of the wannabe cocksuckers!
I really enjoyed the encore and thought it was worth the 2 hours and $12 to hear the duet with Julie Doiron. The songs from his first album took me right back to grade 8...awww!

Jan said...

I often feel like I'm not "scene" enough to be going to some of the shows I enjoy, but you describe a very effective way of dealing with this problem. That Weezer comment is pure gold!

John MacEachern said...

Sometimes the best defence is a good offence, especially when dealing with fascist coolios who are younger, thinner, and better dressed.