Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Old Dog, Old Trick

It's a shame the creationists and the evolutionists can't get along, because I think they could find a lot to agree on concerning the value of family.

I'll have to sober up a bit before I can render this one defensible. Colt 45 stimulates the heart rather more than the mind, alas.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh the oft times bane of my existence. Funny enough, some co-workers are planning to have a Shawarma party late some evening after work, at a restaurant we usually frequent. The owners have allowed us to stay past closing (8PM) and indulge in a chicken, beef and pita wrap orgy. It's BYOB and I immediately thought of ol Colt as my drink of choice. Mainly cause I'm a cheap old drunk and, as Billy Dee Williams would say..."it works every time".

And who are any of we to let Lando Calrissian down?