Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fast & Dirty

On the way home from the Tool concert in Portland, we stopped in a New Brunswick town to get food (this was probably the first stop all weekend at which Andrew "Jailbait" Wood didn't get ID'd). After contemplating a number of greasy, unwholesome choices, we ended up at ***.

Cleveland was the first to notice the lewd sub-text of their drive-through menu, which featured items like "whistle dogs," "chubby strips," and (our favorite) "family gravy."

Ten bucks says their copyright-protected mascot is naked under that suit.


Glenn said...

Are you concerned about the well being of stockholders of this nameless company or legitimately worried about legal repercussions?

PS - Is it A&W?

Lucky 13 said...

Yeah, I wrote the post with the company name logo in the picture, and then I thought, Hey, you can get sued for shit you say in a blog.

I figured the bear would give it away pretty easy.